Accelerate Prosperity

Application Criteria for Enterprises

Here’s how it works.

Our 6 month acceleration roadmap

Over the course of 6 intensive months, small and growing businesses will increase their revenue, raise capital and expand their customer base.

Start. Achieve. Celebrate

Ideation: Meet our team in your community to be inspired to apply for the next incubation training with your business idea! Startups and existing small businesses with ambition to grow are encouraged to apply!

Incubation:  30 entrepreneurs are selected for a one-week intensive incubation training, focused on business modelling and coaching. You will have one month to prepare your pitch presentation. A panel of expert advisors will help select the best businesses to graduate to acceleration.

Acceleration:  Between 10-15 businesses are selected for acceleration. You will have 1:1 access to mentors and coaches who will provide investment readiness support, financial modeling, trade facilitation and technical assistance over the course of three months. 

Investment:  Between 1-5 businesses are selected for investment. You will have 1:1 access to investment analysts and mentors who will provide technical assistance to help ensure you stay on track to meet your growth objectives and help prepare you for a second round of financing, when ready. The maximum investment from Accelerate Prosperity is US $50,000.

Timeline (illustrate with a graphic)

  • Ideation - Community Outreach: 1 month

  • Incubation - In-class Training: 1 week; Pitch Preparation: 3 weeks

  • Acceleration - 1:1 Technical Assistance & Mentorship Support: 3 months

  • Investment - Due Diligence & Investment Intermediation: 1-2 Months; Post-Investment Support: Ongoing

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Selection Criteria: 

Interested applicants can be of:

·            Any age

·            Any citizenship

Applicants will get:

  • full ownership

  • if the applicant is a partial owner, he or she must make business decisions with consensus from co-owners 

We are seeking innovative & disruptive ideas from all industries, with a focus on high-potential sectors:

·            Commercial services

·            Agri-business and livestock

·            Information communication technology (ICT)

·            Tourism

·            Textiles

We place a special emphasis on the following:

  • Women-owned businesses 
  • Businesses with the potential to create outsized employment for women directly or indirectly through their value chains
  • Businesses conducting cross-border trade 
  • Businesses creating significant employment opportunities
  • Businesses with high growth potential

The following businesses are excluded:

  • Import-oriented businesses (purchasing cheaper goods from outside Tajikistan, and selling for a higher price)
  • Alcohol or tobacco production or sales
  • Restaurants, cafés or other food services
  • The minimum size of a lemon greenhouse is 0.5 hectares

Application Options

  • GBAO

  • Dushanbe

  • Khatlon

  • UPShift Youth Social entrepreneurship

  • Due Diligence & Investment Intermediation

  • Post-Investment Support: Ongoing